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We envision a society where everyone is confident, resilient, and eager to make their contribution. We imagine a vast community transformed, one person at a time, into one with a greater shared purpose, with hope and fulfillment for all. We dream of a world where every person recognizes their value to humanity and respects what all others offer.




We design our student programs to help you engage your natural resilience and exercise your optimism. We provide programs for students in grades 6 - 12 Our programs always strive to keep parents involved so that they can participate in their child’s growth and learn along as well.


We provide tailored programs for small and large groups. Whatever your project, we can design an hour to a week-long journey to a place of resilience and effective leadership. Let us know how we can enhance your next meeting or company retreat.

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Our blog articles are brief and well-researched. We design each to give a flavor for resilience, leadership, and the psychological and cultural concepts that feed into these critical concepts. We suggest ways to apply the concept in your daily life. Whenever we find a noteworthy topic, we let you know first.


Specialized Programs

Special programs students take to build leadership and resilience skills!

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Teens are taking control of their lives for a brighter tomorrow.

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      Social/Emotional Readiness       Time Management      Positive Behavior
      Increased Self-Motivation       Resilience


Be a leader

Michael Montegut

TEDxTalk - One Ride

Michael Montegut speaks about the rocky, winding path that he has taken through life and describes the principles and techniques that have guided him to overcome challenges along the way.


Michael Montegut is a Research Psychologist and writer, consultant, father, husband, kids basketball coach, and poet. He has researched the psychology of human vision and performed R&D in the areas of 3D computer graphics, flight simulation, and Virtual Reality. Michael developed and presented one of the first virtual flyovers of Mars terrain data and lander images at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum. He has worked at a variety of Silicon Valley companies, including some of his own in data analytics, personality analysis, social networking, and nonprofit fundraising.


This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at


Read the latest articles about leadership, understanding others, student success, overcoming failures, and more!


"Michael Montegut understands the power of personal connection. He can walk into a room full of teenagers and immediately take command of their attention. In an age where heads bent over devices is commonplace, seeing students lift their gaze to an intriguing speaker is a gift. Michael humbly brings thoughtful provocation into his discussions about resilience by selflessly sharing his own story. He challenges students to question any amount of complacency they may have and motivates them into action. Michael encourages students to test their limits by beautifully exposing his own failures and triumphs. While no one truly wants to be exposed to adverse situations that challenge us, Michael validates and celebrates the journey of resilience."


—  Amy B, College & Career Center Specialist



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