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- Metis -
The Greek goddess of good council, planning, advice, craftiness and wisdom.

Welcome Students!

How can we help you?
Would you like to be a mentor for the Metis Mentorship Program?
Be a mentee and receive your own personal mentor?

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Future Mentors

Promethean Ambassadors!
Interested in becoming a mentor?
Before you fill out the form, please read the following requirements:

-Applicant must be at least a sophomore in high school

-Applicant must provide at least two recommendations
-Applicant will provide leadership experience(s)
-Applicant will need to get guardian approval to participate

-Applicant should be available for their mentee in the time of need

Benefits for Mentors:
-Mentors will be receiving volunteer hours.
-Mentors will receive a certification after training
-Mentors will be able to write their college essays from this experience
-Mentors will receive recognition by the parents in the community

-With continuous mentorship, mentors will receive new opportunities within the program management

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Future Mentees

We will pair the mentee with a mentor that is fitting for them!
All the mentors will go through training and be prepared to support their mentees.
You can choose below for the service!

Mentees will:
-Meet with their Mentors at least once a week
-Be able to express themselves comfortably to their Mentors

-Be guided on friendships and social skills


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