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We've Gone Online!

We use Zoom as the main platform to hold the online workshops. Monday thru Friday for 2 hours each day. Two whole hours of fun activities and engaging discussions that students participate in. 

It's time to start walking with your head up and speaking with confidence


This workshop is specifically designed to help new middle schoolers transition from elementary school! Does your student need a dash of support to boost their confidence? You're in the right place.

The Workshop

This Live Online workshop introduces rising sixth graders (entering middle schoolers) to their grit and gives them tools to feed their resilience and optimism. 

All our workshops are safe spaces where students are encouraged to express themselves and open up to peers and develop their peer support networks. In the "new normal" it is even more critical that new middle schoolers develop strong support networks to increase resilience and optimism. Parents are encouraged to work with their students and access and demonstrate their resilience with simple home exercises.

​In addition to increased awareness and exercise of their resilience, students engage in proven activities that have many other applications in the teen world. For instance, several of the activities build up core strengths like confident self-expression in writing and speech. A few of these exercises build up strengths that will benefit your child immensely when they enter the middle school environment. The ability to identify personal challenges and write about them sets your child up to thrive in a new environment where they are expected to start expressing themselves and their thoughts and ideas as part of their learning. The skills they master in this workshop will ease the transition to middle school.

Your child will learn how to engage their resilience while also building up skills that will serve them well in middle school, high school, college, and beyond.

Let's help them take that first step!

Students learn the value of things like:

  • Leverage your challenges for success

  • Access and build your innate resilience

  • Speak with confidence about yourself

  • Build out your peer support network (new friendships)

  • Learn how to write/speak about challenges and victories.

  • Build up your confidence by learning how to manage your time and adapt to multi classroom/teacher learning.

  • Fuel optimism and perseverance (both traits needed to succeed in high school, college, and beyond.)

  • Master new  skills that will ease the transition to middle school. 

Developed and taught by

Research psychologist & TED x speaker, Michael Montegut

& public relations expert, successful entrepreneur, and PAUSD educator, Julia Lee

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Summer Online Workshop Session

Session Dates (Monday - Fridays 10AM -12PM PST):

July 27-31, 2020

Available for rising 6th graders! Register soon before spots run out. We try to keep our session size moderate so that we are able to give each student our full attention.


Admissions: $350

All registrations due a week before the workshop sessions begin!

All information will be sent to the following e-mail provided once you have registered.



Poems written by the students expressing who they are with confidence!
"I am, who I am"