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Middle School


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Have your student become a resilient leader!

Rising 6th Graders

This live, online workshop introduces rising sixth graders (entering middle schoolers) to their grit and supplies tools to feed their resilience and optimism. 

All our workshops are safe spaces where students are encouraged to express themselves and open up to peers and develop their peer-support networks. In the "new normal," it is even more critical that new middle schoolers develop strong support networks to increase resilience and optimism. Parents are encouraged to work with their students by accessing and demonstrating their resilience with simple home exercises.

At School

7th & 8th Grade Leadership Workshop

In addition to increased awareness and exercise of their resilience, students engage in proven activities that have many other applications in the teen world, especially advocacy and leadership. For instance, several of the activities build up core strengths like confident self-expression in writing and speech. A few of these exercises build up strengths that will benefit your child immensely when they apply to college and other programs. The ability to identify personal challenges and write about them sets your child up to ace the college application questions about personal challenges and breakthroughs. The skills students master in this workshop will ease the college application process.

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